Sparkle Posse

Sparkle-Posse is a tool to help Mac developers visualize their user base. Rather then dry profile tables and graphs, imagine if you could just glace around and see your app's user base -- its posse.

Sparkle-Posse works by analyzing the appcast profile log lines generated by the Sparkle update framework.

View the Demo or the live Validator S.A.C. Posse (data-fuzzed for privacy)


sparkle-posse.xip - Ready to run, developer-signed XIP archive

Sparkle-Posse Source - Follow README instructions

Requirements: PHP, zgrep, and a week of Sparkle-profile access logs

Privacy and Performance

In its default mode, Sparkle-Posse displays user IP addresses and detailed GeoIP data, so, like other web analytics, it should not be made public.

Sparkle-Posse is also not suitable for the public web because it greps the logs on every run. This is fine for internal use by developers, but even moderate public traffic will overload a server.