MacJPerl 5
MacJPerl 5.2.0r4 J2 (June 2002)

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MacJPerl 5 is a version of Perl for the Macintosh which can use Japanese characters and has a Japanese user interface. MacJPerl is based on a combination of Matthias Neeracher's MacPerl and the jperl patches by Yasushi Saito and Hirofumi Watanabe. Chuck Houpt and Michiko Nozu merged the code and localized MacJPerl.

Changes since MacJPerl 5.2.0r4 J1

  • Fixed crashes in Macintosh Toolbox modules (Mac::Windows, Mac::Events, etc).

Changes since MacJPerl 5.15r4:

  • New Creator Type and icons to avoid conflicts with MacPerl.
  • Japanese Perl Documentation.
  • Distributed as a complete Package - no need to download anything else.
  • Based on the latest MacPerl (MacPerl 5.20r4).
    See the file README.MAC for details of MacPerl changes.
  • Based on a newer version of jperl (jperl5.004_04-980303).
    See the file for details of jperl changes.


MacJPerl is based on the source code for MacPerl 5.2.0r4 and jperl5.004_04-980303.pat and has all the features of both.

The following perl features correctly handle Japanese:

  • Strings and Regular Expressions
  • Functions: chop, split, tr and format
  • Control of Japanese via Module

For a complete description of the Japanese features, see the, README.j and jperl.pod (in the pod folder).

In addition to the features inherited from perl, jperl and MacPerl, MacJPerl also provides:

  • Japanese windows, menus, dialogs and balloon help
  • Japanese Documentation
  • Optional English interface
  • Nifty Fuji-Camel icon

System Requirements:

MacJPerl 5 requires KanjiTalk System 7 or higher or any system with the Japanese Language Kit.


To install, run the self extracting archive.

Online Help:

MacJPerl 5 comes with a considerable amount of HTML and pod based online help. For this help to work, make sure you have:
  • "MacPerl Help" and the "pod" folder in the same folder as your MacJPerl application.
  • A recent version of Internet Config
  • Set up Internet Config with a helper for "http", set to a WWW Browser, and the "Shuck" application as the helper for "pod".

English Interface:

MacJPerl comes with an optional English interface. To enable the interface remove the parenthesis from the file "(MacJPerl English)". When the "MacJPerl English" file is placed in the same folder as MacJPerl, English menus and dialogs will be used after MacJPerl restarts.

Known Problems:

Under JLK, MacJPerl crashes when quiting after it has launched another application via AppleEvents (for example, opening a document from the editor menu). This seems to be a general problem that affects all Japanese-registered applications under JLK.


How do I use Jcode?
To use Kazumasa Utashiro's jcode, "no I18N::Japanese;" should be inserted at the beginning of Scripts that use jcode should wrap calls to jcode subroutines with no I18N::Japanese; and use I18N::Japanese; statements if needed.

Bugs, Suggestions, Feedback:
Please send bug reports and suggestions to:

Web Site:
The most recent version of MacJPerl, and other MacJPerl related information can be found at the MacJPerl Home Page at:

Downloading MacJPerl:

MacJPerl_5.2.0r4_J2.sea.bin (3.7 MB)


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