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Welcome to the MacJPerl Home Page.
MacJPerl is a version of Perl for the Macintosh which can use Japanese characters and has a Japanese user interface.

MacJPerl is based on a combination of Matthias Neeracher's MacPerl and the jperl patches by Yasushi Saito and Hirofumi Watanabe. Chuck Houpt and Michiko Nozu merged the code and localized MacJPerl.

Features of MacJPerl
  • Japanese and English Interfaces
  • Perl Correctly Handles Japanese Text
  • Fixed MacPerl Window Title Font Bashing Bug
New: MacJPerl_5.2.0r4_J2 MacJPerl 5.2 J2 ReadMe
Downloading MacJPerl 5.2: MacJPerl_5.2.0r4_J2.sea.bin (3.7 MB)

MacJPerl ARCHIVE: MacJPerl 5.2.0r4_J1
MacJPerl 5.1.5r4

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