Termlet Editors

The Termlet Editors is a set of small applications that launch Mac OS X's built-in text editors (Emacs, Vim and Nano) in a Terminal Window. The Editor Termlets can be launched from the Finder or Dock via drag and drop or using "Open With..." from the Finder's context menu.

The Termlets Editors are developed by Chuck Houpt of Homo Habilis Associates. Please send bug reports and comments to chuck@habilis.net




System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.3.9+ (PPC or Intel)

Customizing the Editor Termlet Windows

Like all Termlets, an editors default window can be customized for font, color, size, and background image.

Related Projects

Of course, the Editor Termlets are not the only way to access these editors from the Mac OS X desktop. Both Emacs and Vim have several full GUI ports: