Daily RSS Feed Service

by Chuck Houpt, please send feedback to: chuck@habilis.net

The Daily Feeds Service can be used to generate once-a-day RSS feeds such as:


RSS feeds are a wonderful way to keep in touch with low-volume blogs or other sporadic information sources, but high-volume news sites can easily overwhelm the reader. Rather then manage the flood of individual news items, it is often better to read an entire day's worth of news all at one time. The Daily Feed Service makes this easy to setup.

Example Daily Feeds

Feel free to subscribe to the following example daily feeds.

Generator Form

The Daily Feed Service will work with any site that has date-based archive URLs. Use the form below to create new Daily Feeds.

The URL Pattern must be encoded using PHP's strftime date formatting. Year, month and day are encoded with: %Y %m %d. Existing percent signs, must be quoted as %%.

For example, for BoingBoing's daily archive:

example: https://boingboing.net/2008/04/05/
pattern: https://boingboing.net/%Y/%m/%d/
Daily Feed Parameters
  1. Months Days in the Past