// Load Blueprint's grid styles.
cssmixin_init('blueprint/src/grid.css', TRUE);

// Add in Blueprint's Internet Explorer styles, when needed.
if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] ?? '-', 'MSIE') !== FALSE) cssmixin_init('blueprint/src/ie.css', TRUE);


/* Load the standard Blueprint CSS definitions. */
@import 'blueprint/screen.css';


// Mix up the Zen IDs, based on Blueprint classes.

cssmixin('#container',      'container showgrid');

cssmixin('#intro',          'span-7');

cssmixin('#supportingText', 'span-11');

cssmixin('#linkList',       'span-6 last');


/* Add any further customizations, like gray headers. */

#supportingText h3 { color: gray; }