// Load Blueprint's grid styles.
cssmixin_init('blueprint/src/grid.css', TRUE);

// Add in Blueprint's Internet Explorer styles, when needed.
if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] ?? '', 'MSIE') !== FALSE) cssmixin_init('blueprint/src/ie.css', TRUE);

cssmixin('.box1', 'span-7 colborder');
cssmixin('.box2', 'span-8 colborder');
cssmixin('.box3', 'span-7 last');

cssmixin('.main', 'span-15 prepend-1 colborder');

cssmixin('.nest1', 'span-7 colborder');
cssmixin('.nest2', 'span-7 last');

cssmixin('.sidebar', 'span-7 last');

// cssmixin can also be used to extend existing classes.
// For example, the following mixes the showgrid class into Blueprint's container class.
cssmixin('.container', 'showgrid');